A Long Walk Home

Love, Time and Wrigley Field

Book Cover: A Long Walk Home
ISBN: 1511517336
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 453
ISBN: 978-1511517331

Joseph Denton walked the streets of Chicago and wondered how his life might have been different.  He felt uneasy when he examined his life.  What if he’d chosen “A” instead of “B.”  What if he had gone left instead of right?

Had he been asked, Joe would not have been able to express why he felt the way he did.  He had a good life and he knew it.  He was a pharmacist, just like his father, and made a comfortable living.  But what if he had told his parents “no.”  What if he had gone to architectural school as he had wanted too?

His wife, Dot, was smart, sexy, and sassy.  She was talented and capable and there was no doubt he loved her.  But, what if there had been another woman out there who had been waiting for him?  He and Dot met purely by chance.  What if there had been someone else who had waited for him?  What if she still waited?

Joe was a discontented man.  He wanted more but he didn’t know more of what, except for the Cubs.  He wanted the Cubs to win the series.  The team’s last World Series win had been in 1908.  It was time, they were overdue.

Joe Denton walked the streets of Chicago and wondered.  He felt the breeze stir and he pulled his hat tighter onto his head.  Chicago was the “Windy City” after all and when the wind blew in Chicago changes could happen.

Reviews:Mrs. Barbara Durkee on Amazon wrote:

"A Long Walk Home" was a great read. I could hardly put the book down. After I finished reading it I wanted to tell other people how I enjoyed this book. So I am sharing how great this book was. It follows Joe, a Pharmacist, through a life changing episode. Kwen describes this episode really well as he does the whole rest of the book ending up with Joe as an Architect who is very rich and wants to nice things for the people he has met or doesn't even know. In other words it is quite an uplifting book all the way to the end.

Brandi on Amazon wrote:

This book was very interesting. I chose this book because Kwen is a very good friend and I wanted to see what he was writing. From the time I picked this book up until I read the last page I could not put it down. This author is very good and I do not say that because he is my friend but because he has a way of describing every thing so you feel that you are right there and you can visualize everything..love Kwens books!

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

A charming story of a man who gets what we all occasionally dream of: a chance to be someone completely different, and create a totally new life. A modern day twist on living the American dream