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“You will go out in joy and led forth in peace.” – Isaiah 55:12


FirstFansBrandI have to tell you I am not a big follower of the Facebook trend of self-discovery. You know what I’m talking about, the postings that say things like, “Tell us your shoe size and we will tell you who you were in a past life.” You know those kinds of posts.

With that disclaimer in mind, I was intrigued when I saw one that promised to tell me my personal scripture for the year 2016. I entered the information required and FB came back with the scripture above. I have to admit, it gave me a feeling of calm.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, however, I strive to be a goal setter and more importantly, a goal finisher. Since the turning of the calendar, I have been hard at work getting ready to assault this year’s goals.

If you have not been to my blog/website in the past few weeks, please stop by and take a look around. A talented woman named Gayla has been working with me and has created a work of art. She has made my ideas come to life.

Besides the new and improved presentation of the site, you will also see an invitation to join a closed group called “First Fans.”

Since I started writing, I have received a tremendous amount of support by old friends as well as people I have just met. First Fans has been created to say “thanks.”

Members of the First Fans group will be among the first readers to obtain my latest release and they will have a special First Fans price, which will be steeply discounted. Hold on, there is much more. First Fans will be able to participate in monthly giveaways, discussions, and even voice their opinion on such matters as book cover art and layout.

Naturally, there is no charge to become a First Fan, just fill in your information, send in the request, and confirm your intentions when prompted.

Just think, you’ll be able to get my new book, “The Tenth Nail” as soon as it hits the Amazon shelves. My projected publishing date is mid to late March. Before the book comes out, however, you will get the opportunity to voice your thoughts about the cover that is currently being designed.

So, hop on board. The Tenth Nail is an awesome story, if I say so myself, and getting it at a discount will make it that much better.


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