“Keep Reaching For The Stars” – Casey Kasum

Do you remember when Casey Kasum told us “to keep reaching for the stars?”  If you do, you’re showing your age, just as I am.  None the less, remembering his signing off mantra from his weekly radio show is a perfect way for me to introduce my topic, “reaching for the stars.”

Most of you know I write novels and publish them through Amazon.  Amazon has a review system based on stars; one star is not so hot but five stars is a nova, kind of thing.  Amazon uses the number of reviews and stirs it into a computation with the number of books sold over a period of time and determines where to place a book on a page.

Earlier this week, my new book, “Vengeance is Mine” was at the top of the page for a while.  Only two reviews had been posted and only a couple of dozen books had sold at that point, but it seems everybody wanted to buy the book at the same time.  The result was the book stood at the top.  I just checked and the book is still on page one but has dropped to tenth.  More people have bought it and another review has been posted but three reviews don’t compare with the two hundred plus reviews posted for a book of the same name which is currently number one.

I realize you most likely have no interest in this what-so-ever, but I felt I owed it to you to explain why I’m asking for the stars, if not reaching for them.

Please, if you have read any of my books, return to Amazon and take a few moments to review it.  It only requires selecting a star rating and a couple of sentences.

Currently, the reviews on my books are very high.  They average 4.8 out of 5.0.  Having said that, review them and rate them honest, please.  I’d prefer an honest lower rating than an inflated rating that urges a person to buy a book I wrote.


Oh, and one other thing.  If you haven’t tried one of my books, why not?  A lot of people think I write a good story.kasem_memorial-e1402931792258

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