Kellynch and Jane

Jane Austen

Is there anyone in the Western English speaking world who has not heard of Jane Austen? I hope not, since Miss Austen is one of the most beloved writers of the English language.

She is primarily remembered for writing six books: Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814) (my favorite), Emma (1815) and Northanger Abbey and Persuasion (1818), both which were published after her death in 1817.

Miss Austen is known for her use of satire and her ironic wit in her novels and anyone who sees them only has romance novels misses the point entirely.  Her fan base is stronger today than during her lifetime and most of them are proud to be called “Janeites.”  I find it hard to believe there is anyone out there who does not know Keira Knightley acted as Lizzy Bennet and Colin Firth was Mister Darcy?  Not in the same movie however.

Persuasion was completed in August of 1816, though as earlier mentioned, it was not published until 1817.  In celebration of the one hundred ninety-ninth anniversary, I am writing a sequel which will be called “Kellynch.”  Kellynch is the name of the estate much of the story takes place on.

My story follows the story created by Miss Austen herself.  The characters do not become vampires or shape shifters, they do not fly to Mars and they don’t travel through time.  Having said that, it is a story rich with the activities of the Royal Navy, which was hard at work interdicting the slave trade, there are dishonest business dealings and even the Prime Minister of England, The Earl of Liverpool, Robert Banks Jenkinson makes a cameo appearance.

I always do research for my novels, to keep the stories grounded and the research on this one is energizing and deeply interesting.  I hope you will follow along as I share some of the insights I discover in my efforts to make this sequel one Miss Austen would be proud of.  Hang around and I will tell you of my love affair with the lady.

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