Kick It In Gear

Kick It Into Gear, KwenDGriffeth“Alright, Kwen, it’s time to kick it into gear.”

I was sitting in a booth, in Panera’s, drinking my hot chocolate. Across from me, sat a diminutive woman with brown curly hair and intense blue eyes, and she was pointing the business end of a pencil at me. I’ve noticed over the past months while working with her, that she prefers blue shirts or sweaters, which intensifies those eyes. The woman’s name is Gayla, she is a “virtual assistant,” and I use the term diminutive in the same manner, I would use it to describe a bobcat. In other words, don’t make her mad.

A virtual assistant is, like the bobcat, not easily seen and somewhat difficult to quantify. While Gayla works in the digital world, hence the term, “virtual,” her assistance to me has been invaluable, and her results real. If you stop by my website, you will see her talent on display, but what shows is only a small part of what she has done. Like the bobcat, who works under the cover of darkness, Gayla is in the background and she has linked the following sites to my webpage: (of course), LinkedIn, Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter. If, like most of the world, you do not spend your days trying to unravel the maze of social media marketing, let me simply say, Gayla has given me a large digital shoe with which to make my footprint. I can’t say enough about her and her abilities. When you stop by any of my sites, please take a moment and silently tell her “thanks.”

This brings me back to the reason she was sitting across from me and focusing my attention with a pencil. The one thing Gayla cannot do is write my blogs. They have to come from me.

I am a writer and the purpose for all of Gayla’s work is to provide me a platform to display my skills. Is there any doubt as to why she was menacing me with a tool from a bygone era? She has spent hours, days, actually building this machine and now she expects, demands, I put it into action. My virtual assistant has become my very real taskmaster. She expects me to write and more to the point, write interesting pieces that you, and people like you, will want to read.

Can you feel the pressure I’m under?

Therefore, here’s the plan and I share this with you in an effort to solicit sympathy, pity, and hopefully, a little assistance from time to time. Two blog posts a week are scheduled; on Tuesday, the post will cover any one of several topics. I plan to discuss some of the characters in my books, report the status of my latest book, talk about where ideas come from, and occasionally beg.

Poe said, “I am a writer, therefore, not sane.” He left out the part about being willing to grovel. I hope you will respond to my posts with comments, ideas, and suggestions.

On Fridays, well, they’re special. Friday posts are going to tell the story of Johanna Cardiff. You know her, if you have read the Sam and Laura series, but in case you have not, Johanna is the little sister of Sam and Luke.

Johanna is going to tell her story in the form of blog posts, or more appropriate for her era, journal entries. I’m doing the research and linking the stories. I am out of my mind with excitement about this project and I hope, in some small way, to respond to all of you who have asked me to write another book for that series.

That is the plan and I know of no other way to kick it off than to be upfront with what I intend to do.

In closing this first post, allow me to let you in on the secret of social media marketing. At the end of the day, it is all about “liking,” “following,” and “sharing.” So, if you do, please, like my pages, follow my blog posts (the button is on the bottom), and share me with your friends.

Just a reminder, drop me a comment or a suggestion. There are many Tuesdays.


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