“The Tenth Nail” has a Voice

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The Tenth Nail has a voice and that voice belongs to Paul J. McSorley.

The Tenth Nail is the story of a murder.  More than that, it is the story of a homicide detective trying to hold it together as he battles the guilt inside him for past sins and mistakes.  He is ruled by anger.  This anger interferes with not only his professional relationships, but also his relationship with his wife Clare.

The story takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a variety of dialects were needed to tell the story.  In addition to the white speech patterns, there is (of course) Hispanic, Black, a Polish immigrant, and detectives from across the country.  Honestly, I feared I would just have to “settle” for the best I could get.

What I got was Paul J. McSorley and he is, indeed, one of the best.

Paul brought with him a resume that included more than forty-one audio books competed.  He started producing audio books in 2013 and completed eleven his first year.  It is obvious I am not the only author that likes working with him.  He invested in a professional grade recording studio in his home, to cut down travel time from his “day job.”

Paul asked for my opinion several times during the conversion process.  He sent me samples and wanted to make sure his accents were not only what I wanted but accurate to the person represented.  Working with him was, indeed, a pleasure.

Just when I decide he was spoiling me, he pulled out his secret weapon; his wife Nikki.  Nikki is an extremely talented composer and she writes original scores for the books Paul narrates.  They asked if I would like music at the introduction and conclusion of the book.  Honestly, would you expect me to say “no?”

The Tenth Nail is now available in digital, paperback, and audio formats.  If you have not heard the story, allow me to entice you with a free download code.  I receive a couple of dozen from the ACX, the publisher.  I offer them to you on a first come first serve basis.  Send me an email asking for a code, and it’s yours.  Just one thing, I would appreciate a review (honest one please) after you enjoy the book.


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