Book Fair: It’s Here!

It is Here!

Today is the first day of the 2017 BookExpo New Title Showcase.  If I told you it isn’t on my mind, I’d be lying to you.  If I claimed not to be excited having one of my books in it, I’d not be telling the truth.
The event is held in New York City and is attended by such people as movie producers, movie directors, screen writers, and foreign book publishers.

I have no idea how The Law of Moses will be received.  I am told great things can happen if the right person sees the book.  I don’t know how to quantify that as there are tens of thousands of people visiting a hall where hundreds of thousands of books are displayed.

While I don’t always believe life teaches us lessons, or in most cases, we forget to learn the lessons, there is one thing I know from my youth.

When I was younger, I participated in rodeo.  I rode bucking horses and sometimes I got the job done and sometimes I got bucked off.  The one thing I knew for sure, I had no chance of winning if I wasn’t in the arena.  Today, and for the next three days, The Law of Moses is in the arena.

If you have read The Law of Moses, I hope you enjoyed it.  I hope you reviewed the book on Amazon.

If you haven’t reviewed it, I would certainly appreciate one.  Truth please.

If you have not read the book, you can find it at or the audio version at

I have a few free download codes available for the audio version, if you would like one, send me an email.

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