Cast a Long Shadow

Cast A Long Shadow by Kwen GriffethMost stories are started with a premise. A premise like what if a young woman walks through the dark woods? What if she meets a wolf? What if she is wearing a red cloak? Do you know that story? Most of us do.

Cast a Long Shadow also began with a premise. What if a successful underachiever had reason to reach higher than he ever has before? Such as investigating the murder of a loved one when he has no police experience. No investigative training. No forensic knowledge.

Cast a Long Shadow is a cowboy and Indian story. It is also the story of a relationship between a father and son. What will an underachieving son do in an effort to make his father proud?

I am extremely happy with this book, partly because I really enjoy this story and the characters, but also because it is book number twelve. There is a feeling of accomplishment that comes with writing a dozen books.

Cast a Long Shadow is set in central Montana, roughly one hundred miles south of the Missouri River Breaks National Park. It’s a primitive, but beautiful part of the country. The terrain is both innocent and unforgiving. Possibly, unchanged since the days of the Garden of Eden. It is a place worthy of this story. I hope you enjoy reading Cast a Long Shadow.

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