Have a Cup of Coffee on Nate

TenthNailandCoffeeMy name is Nate, Nate Burns and I’m a detective for the Albuquerque Police Department. My story is “The Tenth Nail,” a new book by Kwen Griffeth and currently in a preorder status on Amazon. Let me take a minute and strongly suggest you buy the eBook while is reduced in price.

From now until the 30th of August, you have a chance to preorder the book for $.99. After the 30th, the price rises to $5.99. I have an idea of what you can do with the Mister Lincoln you save by preordering. Check this out:

One of my favorite beverages is coffee. I don’t want anything fancy in it, just good black coffee. Maybe you’re like me, if so, here’s the deal. Preorder the book for less than a buck, save the fiver until you receive the eBook via download and then use the money you saved to buy a large black cup of coffee. You and I will find a place to sit back, enjoy our brew and get acquainted.

The way I see it, Kwen owes me a cup or two of coffee. You know writers, they sit behind a computer all day and talk to imaginary people. In my case, I’m the one who does all the work. I’m the one who has to solve the crime. I’m the one working extra-long days. You agree with me, Kwen owes us a quiet get together to read The Tenth Nail.

Hey, I know you might not like coffee, that’s fine, more for me. We can still get together and enjoy the book. Buy your favorite beverage, raise a nod to Kwen for offering this great deal and I’ll see you on the 30th.


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