Dead Men Walking

Dead Men Walking by Kwen GriffethUnlike “The Law of Moses,” the story of Nate and Clare was intended to be a series from the first word.  In fact, I was mentally working on book two before the first was finished.  I not only wanted to tell an intriguing story, but a larger goal was to let the readers get better acquainted with Nate, as well as Clare.

In no way, was the book intended to defend nor justify Nate’s actions, only present a wider picture of what not only motivated the man but also haunted him.  I left it up to the reader to determine if Nate was given any understanding or if they only give him condemnation.

Dead Men Walking” furthered the relationship between Jack Mill and Nate.  In the near future, a sub-series of this trilogy will be started where the two men will work together.  The seven-book series is titled after the nursery rhyme of “Monday’s Child” and I am working on book one even now.

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