“Dear Emma” has a Voice

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Dear Emma” has a voice and that voice belongs to Steven A. Gannet.

The story of Emma is told by a character who is a youth counselor and volunteer Chaplain.  I wanted a voice that had the patient sound of a man who has the patience to listen to people in trouble and suffering.  The voice also had to the hesitancy of a man struggling with his own faith.

In my opinion, Steven nailed it.

Steven has over twenty-six audio books to his credit is a graduate of the inaugural ACX Master Class. His motto is “To be interesting…be interested.”

I chose Steven to be the voice of a man of faith.  After the project, I asked him about himself, and he told me he is first and foremost a Christian.

Steven, I thank you for your work on the “Dear Emma” project.  Your personal faith and beliefs are heard loud and clear.  It enriched the story.

If you have not heard “Dear Emma” and would like too, send me your email and I will present you with a code that will allow you to download the audio book at no cost.  I ask that you post a review of the book after enjoying it.

Contact me quick; I only have a few codes left.




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