“The Ghost in the Mini Skirt” has a Voice

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The Ghost in the Mini Skirt has a voice and that voice belongs to Roger Wood.

The Ghost in the Mini Skirt tells the story of an extremely intelligent computer hacker, Jack, who is contacted by the spirit of a dead husband who wants Jack to find the body of his dead wife who was murdered and not found for almost fifty years.  Jack suffers from a serious deficiency of social skills, but finds he has to ask for help and trust others to complete the task.

The story is told primarily from Jack’s point of view and I wanted the narrator to have the tone in his voice we often hear from people who think, for whatever reason, they are a little better than the rest of us.  Roger was perfect and I’d like to introduce him to you.

Roger is comfortable around recording equipment.  He is a more than forty-year veteran of broadcasting and print media.  After graduating from Temple University, he reported and produced news stories for several media outlets in the New England area.  He has worked with CBS radio as well as NPR radio over the years.  He is a pioneer in the field of podcasting and continues to work in and improve that new form of communication today.

Roger had narrated and produced more than twenty-five titles of audio books and he recently completed and published his first novel Lawson Fund.  His book is available at both Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

If you have not heard The Ghost in the Mini Skirt and would like too, send me your email and I will present you with a code that will allow you to download the audio book at no cost.  I ask that you post a review of the book after enjoying it.

Contact me quick; I only have a few codes left.




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