Girls and Horses

GIRLS AND HORSES by Kwen D GriffethCheck this out:  There is a saying about a boy and his dog.  I don’t know where it came from nor do know the first person to say it.  Maybe it started as recently as the movie Old Yeller.  You saw Old Yeller, didn’t you?  The story of a boy who finds a stray dog, who if you haven’t guessed is yellow.  Initially, the dog is nothing but trouble, but soon enough becomes a member of the family.  Hence, a boy and his dog.

Maybe the saying was brought about my Lassie.  The collie and the boy who had years of adventures on Saturday morning television.  Perhaps, it’s from the book, “Where The Red Fern Grows,” another boy and two dogs story.  Whatever it is, it is true.

However, the saying is modified for girls.  Girls love horses.  It is always a girl and her horse.  Black Beauty, the novel written in 1877 by Anna Sewell, is the best example of the saying.  Black Beauty was completed just a few months before the author’s death and is written, first person, from the point of view of the horse.  It is a tale of overcoming struggle and eventually finding peace.

My Friend Flicka, the 1941 novel written by Mary O’Hara told the story of a boy and a horse, however, when the 2006 movie was released, the role was changed to a girl lead.

In 2005, the film Dreamer with Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning was the story of a horse and a girl, and we cannot overlook Secretariat.  The horse known as Big Red was owned by Penny Chenery and he won the Belmont Stakes race by 31 lengths.  He is regarded as one of the finest racehorses in history and his story was told in the 2010 movie by the same name that starred Diane Lane.

Boys and dogs.  Girls and horses.  Let me introduce you to another pair.  This is Louva and her trainer.  I think they’re becoming pretty good friends.  Girls and horses.

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