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relaxation-1388228_1920Like many, I set goals for the coming year.  Last year, 2016, (had to write that one more time) I set the goal to convert all my novels into audiobooks.  I came up a little short, only six of the eight were finished by the time the ball dropped.  The remaining two will be finished in the next month or so.

Like many projects, converting the books became much more than I anticipated.  The best and by far the most unexpected surprise was meeting, and working with the narrators/producers of my books.  Roger, Steven, Joseph, and Paul, each of you brought a twist of individuality to the project and a load of talent.

The first book finished was “The Ghost in the Mini Skirt,” and as I write this, I still feel the rush of hearing words I wrote spoken by another for the first time.  I sat, mesmerized, tears running down my cheeks, as Roger started to tell me the story of Jack and Terri.  I wrote the book, I know most every word and where it belongs, and yet, as Roger told me the story, I was experiencing it anew.  The personality he put into the characters I had never seen and it was like meeting an old friend, after a long separation, “My how you’ve changed.”

Each book, each project brought the same flood of emotions, and more often than not, tears.

Steven told me the stories of Dear Emma and A Long Walk Home.

Joseph brought Sam and Laura to life with his productions of The Law of Moses and A Higher Calling.  Vengeance is Mine will soon be finished.

I thought I knew Nate Burns better than any other character I wrote about, but Paul gave him a personality I had not seen, and to bring the project to a glow, Nikki, Paul’s lovely wife, composed a few strands of original music to give the entire project more individuality, and raised it to a new level.

Thank you all, for sharing your talents, for the hours you put into the projects and for putting up with me, more often than not, acting like an old hen with her chicks.  I want to work with all of you again.

“Kellynch” is beginning production and I am in search of a woman who can speak English with a British accent.  If you know of such a woman, give her my contact info.

To those who follow my blog, my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the rest of the social media, thank you for supporting my efforts and my growth as a writer.  I intend to stay busy this coming year and complete three novels and four short stories.

I’d also like to introduce you to my works, (our works) and invite you to listen to a good book or eight.  I am given a number of free downloads, from the publisher, to introduce my friends, family, and fans to the audiobook.  If you would like a free download of any of my books, shoot me a line and I will gift you a book.  Act quickly, I’m getting low on some of the codes and I have a limited number for all the books.

Lastly, at the start of a new year, I hope all had a great last year, and I pray God will bless you in the coming one


Kwen D Griffeth, 2017

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