The Hungry Monster Ate My Book

fullsizeoutput_23This is going to be a short blog post as I am going to refer you to another and I don’t want to slow you down.  Really quick, however, let me introduce the Hungry Monster Book Review.

The Hungry Monster is a book review blog and it helps establish new authors.  A writer can submit his/her book to be reviewed and the Monster may or may not be interested in it.  If the Monster decides to taste the book, he may or may not like it.  I submitted The Tenth Nail, and the Monster ate it!

I invite you to follow this link, and read the review the Monster gave Nate and Clare. There are 2,698 subscribers who follow the Monster.  He also has 37,378 who follow him on Twitter.

I cherish and respect every review I receive for one of my books.  Good reviews, bad ones, I cherish them all.  A review is the barometer I use to track if my work is improving, getting stale, or worse, getting lazy and sloppy.  I trust my readers to tell me, and I am grateful for every review someone has taken the time to submit.

So, enough of my gushing.  Go to the link supplied above and read the Monster review of the Tenth Nail.  I also offer you the link, if you want to visit the Monster.  Who knows, you might decide to become follow 2,699.

BTW, to celebrate the review, The Tenth Nail will be sporting a special reduced price for 30 days.  Stick with me, details coming soon.

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