Introducing “The Tenth Nail”


Murder is not difficult to solve, most of the time.  Most people who are murdered are killed by friends, or in some cases, family.  If a wife is murdered, the first suspect is always the husband and vice versa.  Let’s face it, it takes a lot of hate to kill someone, and the only way to build that level of loathing is to get to know him or her.

As with all rules of thumb, there are exceptions and the murder of a prostitute is one of those exceptions.  Prostitutes belong to a class of invisible people in the American society.  They share that space with homeless people, “winos,” drug addicts, the abandoned elderly, and other lost souls.  People, who because of bad choices, bad luck, or just the passing of time find themselves on the outside looking in.

Invisible people live in a world most of us never want to visit and their contact with “regular people” is limited to usually nothing more than the patrol cop or the volunteer at a soup kitchen.  Throw in a few trips a year to the emergency room and that is, as they say, that.

No detective, in his right mind, wants to be assigned to investigate the murder of a street walking prostitute.  Unless the murder was committed by her pimp, or another girl, there is simply no place to go, no trail to follow.  To be assigned such an investigation is almost always another unsolved that winds up in the cold case files.

Detective Nate Burns, Albuquerque Police Department Major Crimes Unit, knew this.  He knew, even before he arrived on scene, with his new partner in tow, the investigation of a murdered street walking prostitute was as dead as the girl.

Winston Rawls, the highly intelligent, talented, and sometimes-stoned evidence technician also knew the odds were against them, but silently vowed, as he was sure Nate had, to give the investigation the best they could.  The two men made a good team, even though Rawls secretly wished for a Grateful Dead reunion, even after the death of Jerry Garcia and Nate pictured himself as a reincarnation of an 1800’s Texas Ranger.

Rawls was not prepared when Nate knelt beside the dead girl, gently took her hand in his, and promised to solve her murder.

“The Tenth Nail” is the story of a haunted cop who promises to do the implausible, if not, the impossible.  The finished cover of the book is pictured and I want to thank all of you who voted.  As they say, “I know who you are and your prize is in the mail.”

If we stay on schedule, the book should be available for order on Amazon in both digital version and paperback.


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