LOUVA by Kwen D GriffethCW,

Here’s a view of the world from the Captain’s chair on the top of a horse.  Many, myself included, will tell you it is by far the best seat in the house.  This is a photo of Louva’s first trail ride, and let me tell you, she did great.

Course, the trail wasn’t a hard trail, but it gives a horse a chance to see new places, hear new sounds and taste new smells.  You’d be surprised what some ponies can find to be scared of.  Louva did just fine.  Had her ears up and looking around, and had to check a few things out, but as a rule, did better than expected.

By the way, now that her teeth have healed, she’s enjoying her feed and putting on weight.  She’ll be working on barrel patterns before long.  I’m proud of this little horse.  So glad I didn’t listen to the ideas of so many.  I think she will be a champion.  Course, in my book she already is, but then she comes from championship blood.

I’ve spoken to you about her mama and the great Murr the Blurr, who is her great-grandfather.  The blood is just as solid on her sire’s side.

Her daddy was the horse called Dash For Cash.  He was a racing World Champion twice, and he won over $500,000.00.  His offspring did better.  He is the daddy of 39 world champion, and between them all, they have won 135 stakes races.  In total his offspring have earned over $39 million.  He was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame in 1997.

When I see the family, this little brown horse was born into I realize, yet again, she just needs and deserves a chance.

Oh, also wanted to tell you, her mama Ablurrabull is settled and getting ready to have a colt next spring.  She’s doing great, and the daddy of the baby is a great horse all in his own right.  More about him another time.

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