Meeting Jack

Meeting Jack by Kwen Griffeth

The name is Jack, Handsome Jack, and I like my kibble shaken, not stirred.  I feel obligated to share a few of the aliases I go by.  There is Smiling Jack, Jack-a-roo, Jack-s-Doodle, Cracker Jack, Jackson and when I misbehave, I’m called Damnit Jack.

I am an American Brittany, which is another way of saying the best bird dog in the world.  Not bragging here, just telling it as it is.  I have a high energy level, and if I’m not allowed to stay active, I can damage what you prize most.  I’m hard-headed, don’t mind unless you get my attention, and I possess the broadest range of sounds capable of a dog.

The reason I’m sharing this is to let you know I am Kwen’s new best friend.  We met like many couples do in this age of technology, on a dating site.  It was an interspecies dating site, but you’d call it the American Brittany Rescue Homepage.  My original family and I didn’t get along, so they surrendered me to the organization.  I lived in a foster home for a few months, and then Kwen and I met.  He needed a new friend, as he had just lost his Peanut, and I needed a new home.  It was a perfect match.

My job is to make sure Kwen gets out from behind his desk every so often.  I swear he would be there all day in his imaginary worlds.  And, I get to share information about animal rescue organizations and shelters.  I hope you’ll follow me and like and share my posts.  Humans were given dominion over the world, so that means you have a responsibility to care for me, my kind and all other animals.

I know you can’t see it in my photo but consider my tail wagging.  Glad to meet you.

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