Nate Is Right

coffee-break-1246993_1920A frustrated writer quipped,

“You do everything you can to raise them right, and as soon as they hit the page they do any damn thing they please.”

Boy, do I feel that way about Nate.  I remember when he was nothing more than a comma on a page.  I watched with fatherly pride as he grew from little more than a phrase into a complete sentence and later, matured into a paragraph.

Now, given the time for his introduction to the world, the guy is offering to buy early bird orders coffee with my money no less.  I would take it out of his paycheck if he got one.

Nate is right.  I have to give him that.  The Tenth Nail is a great book and it will go down better if you read it with a cup of your favorite brew next to you.  You may not be a coffee drinker, but grab what you like, order the book early to save some green, and on the 30th enjoy a really good story.

I give you my word, as a guy who knows Nate very personally, you will not be disappointed.

As a benefit, you will have my undying gratitude for helping The Tenth Nail off to a big start.



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