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In a few weeks, June First, to be exact, The Law of Moses will be displayed at the 2017 BookExpo New Title Showcase, in New York City.
Truthfully, I don’t know how to prepare myself for this. I have been told it is the largest book fair in North America and tens of thousands of interested people attend. These interested people are movie producers, movie directors, screenwriters, and book publishers from around the world.

I find it hard to imagine Sam Moses speaking French, but I wouldn’t stand in his way.

I vacillate between giddiness and terror.
“What if The Law of Moses becomes the next Lonesome Dove mini-series?”
“What if the only time it’s moved on the shelf is when someone pushes it aside to deposit an empty soda cup?”

Whatever happens in New York, I am proud of The Law of Moses and the two additional books that make up the trilogy.

I’ve attached a book review I received from The Literary Titan Book Review Blog.
In addition to the fantastic review, the Literary Titan also awarded The Law of Moses its Gold Medal Award.
I’m honored and humbled to receive the award and take this chance to publicly thank the Literary Titan.

Here’s the Monster’s review:

“Sam Moses Cardiff is a straight shooting honest man that finishes a teaching diploma before heading back to his hometown of Elmira. Sam is excited to start his new life, however, things have changed since Sam has been gone and circumstances pull him into fighting battles under the Union Army. Flash forward several years and Sam has entered a town where he is hired to be a Marshall. Sam upholds the law, showing no qualms about killing those who wish to cross him. But underneath the facade of an emotionless and tactical law enforcer lies a man who desperately wants his life to end. What happened in all the years of battle that has affected Sam so gravely?

The Law of Moses, written by Kwen D. Griffeth, is a western novel that follows the life of Samuel Moses Cardiff. The smell of perfumed ladies, warm beer and rolled cigarettes will be easily imagined as The Law of Moses takes you on a ride through life in the west that keeps you captivated until the very end!

The characters come to life on the page and several times I had to remind myself that this story was indeed fiction. The story takes dips into the past which gives the reader an insight into a younger Sam and why he has changed so drastically. Once upon a time, he was an eager young man, full of energy to face the world and now he is rude, angry and filled with hatred. The connection with the past will allow the reader to feel empathy towards the characters and their personality traits.

Gunfights, bank robbers and old time war stories will keep the reader flipping pages as they explore frontier life. Kwen Griffeth clearly has an in depth understanding of artillery as he accurately describes a variety of guns and even how they sound when they are holstered. Most characters are loyal and stick to their guns (literally and figuratively) when it comes time to settle arguments. At times, the novel explores the Civil War and sparks the imagination.

The writing flows easily and Griffeth provides descriptive imagery that allows the reader to picture the old west, where disputes were settled over beer and gun smoke. The saloons, horses and life lessons will mean the reader will be eager to learn more about Sam and his life. I found some of the lessons to be relevant to today’s society events and found myself reminiscing over the story’s content many days later.

I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys a western or historical novel but also for anybody that loves a dash of romance, action and comedy. I look forward to reading the next installment.” – The Literary Titan

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