Road Trip – Sort Of

road tripIn the days before eBooks and blogs, when an author wrote a book, the first task was to garner attention and hopefully book sales. Authors were known to stake out shopping centers, book stores and anywhere else they thought they could slow down the pedestrians long enough to tell them about their book.

Today, new authors don’t have to do that. Today, thanks to the internet, the blogosphere, social media and all the other ways to “reach out and touch” someone, we get to pester all our friends, family members and contacts, in the attempt to increase sales.   I have been asked several times, “What is the hardest part of writing a book?” My answer is always the same, “Letting people know I wrote it.”

Enter the newest avenue, the blog tour.

A blog tour is a digital and electronic trip the book makes across the blogosphere stopping to visit several blogs and make an appearance hoping to arouse the interest of the blog followers. Kellynch is in the middle of such a tour at this time. Over the past couple of weeks the book has stopped at several blog sites for introductions. It has been a lot of fun for me to tag along, and see the increased attention.

A couple of the blogs have done reviews:

“It’s brave to write a sequel to a Jane Austen book, and Kwen D. Griffith doesn’t only take on the task, he succeeds at it too. He managed to make the characters believable, both as a continuation of the characters in “Persuasion” and as people living in the 1800s. The settings are described in detail, the writing is solid, and overall, it’s a very enjoyable experience to read this book.” – Majanka, I Heart Reading blog.

“We start the story with Anne and Fredrick living in her family’s estate, happily married and in love after years of not being able to be together. The story then goes on with intrigue, betrayal, and a new family bond forming. When Fredrick rejoins the royal navy rumors fly that he has left his beloved Anne and she has to face the choice of believing the ugly rumors or trusting her heart. The story started out a little slow, but it quickly picked up and was an overall great read. My only real complaint about the story is I felt it ended too soon. But with a good read that is usually the case.” – nik, Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock blog.

Publishing a new book is much like sending a child to their first day of school. As a parent, you believe your child is smart and talented, but suddenly they are thrust into the world where they will be compared, graded and reviewed. As we see them off on the bus, we hope the other children will be nice to them, the teacher will be patient with them, and they won’t run into bullies.

I believe “Kellynch” is holding its own.

If you have not read my latest book, I ask you to give it a try. It is a great story. If you have, I ask you review the book on Amazon (with an honest review).

The road trip continues for another week or so. It’s been a fun ride.

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