Sam and Laura have a Voice

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Sam and Laura have a voice and that voice belongs to Joseph R. Durika.

The story of Sam and Laura is told in a trilogy of novels; The Law of Moses, A Higher Calling, and Vengeance Is Mine.  Sam and Laura are two people who come of age just prior and during the Civil War.  Their story is a tale of love, loss, sacrifice, hope and agony.

Sam is college educated and from the northeast.  He allowed himself to be persuaded to enlist in the Union Army, even though he disagreed with the idea of civil war.  Sam wanted to be and had studied to be a school teacher.

Laura is the very pretty daughter of a farmer in Arkansas.  Laura is bartered to the most successful rancher in the county for one bull and two cows; the start of her father’s heard.  William, her intended promises to marry her as soon as he returns from supporting the Confederacy.

The three meet, roughly twenty years later, after the wounds have healed and the scars appear to be permanent.

The voice used to tell most western stories is almost a cliché in itself and it is a voice I did not want to tell Sam and Laura’s story.  Sam is not the typical “western” character made famous by the likes of Gabby Hayes or Andy Devine and I needed a voice to set that difference.  At the same time, several of the supporting characters have a casual style of speaking.

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It was obvious to me I needed an extremely versatile narrator and I found one.  I found Joseph R. Durika.

Joseph has over thirty-five years of theatrical performing and he specializes in voice variations and accents.  He has performed voice over work for Verizon and the Maryland Army National Guard, as well as supporting his local theater.  He has completed eight audio books and I know he will have the opportunity to do more, because I’m going to offer it to him.  He does a great job.  When I write a character, I hear that person speak in my head.  It is not often that a performer/narrator provides the same voice I envisioned.  Joseph managed that magic not only once, but twice, with the characters of “Pickles” Knudson and Abernathy.  The first time I heard them speak, it was if Joseph had been in my head when I created them.

If you have not heard the Sam and Laura trilogy and would like too, send me your email and I will present you with a code that will allow you to download the audio books at no cost.  I ask that you post a review of the book after enjoying it. The Law of Moses and A Higher Calling is now available.  Joseph is starting book three, Vengeance is Mine and it will be available in the coming weeks.

Contact me quick; I receive a limited number of free codes from the publisher and once they are gone, they’re gone.


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