Shadow of the Moon

Shadow of the Moon by Kwen D GriffethShadow of the Moon” started life as a challenge to myself.  I read a book from a well-known and successful author who had written the story of a werewolf.  The character was female and as a human was educated, successful and determined.  Every month, in coordination with the full moon, she would strip off her clothes and chase deer and small game in the woods.  She’d return home, battered, scratched and beaten from running through bushes and low hanging limbs.  I remember thinking, how devastating the curse of the werewolf is.  I also thought I could do a better job.

I built a society of wolf/humans that are family oriented, and pack oriented.  They take care of their young and defend one another.  They are also hindered with short tempers and a social structure that leaves many less than pleased.  I added to that the knowledge that if they were recognized as a species, they would be on the endangered list.

For wolves to thrive, they must live in packs.  I based the story on that premise.

I have no idea if I wrote a better book than the author I challenged, and in the end, it doesn’t really matter.  I was, however, pleased with the review from Stefan Vucak from Readers Favorite, who described Shadow of the Moon as, “an intriguing story that is a quantum leap in the werewolf genre.

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