“Hey, have I got a deal for you.”

Have you ever walked down a city street and a shady character leans out from the alley and says, “Hey, have I got a deal for you?”

He opens his coat and shows you three dozen watches attached to the inside lining.

(Thought I was going somewhere else didn’t you?)

“All the merchandise is on sale today and today only,” he taunts.  “Half price and that’s a bargain.  Whatta ya say?”

Well, friend, I got a better deal.  I write novels and I am showcasing my work with short stories.  Ernest Hemingway crafted his writing using the short story and I am following his lead.

I invite you to download for free “The Consequences of Maggie.”

Click here and download the PDF. Read it and then drop me a quick line.  Let me know what you think.

Remember, no charge.

If you’re unhappy with it, I can’t refund free, but I can direct back to the watch dude.

Take a chance, click here to download “The Consequences of Maggie.”

Kwen D. Griffeth



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