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Ernest Hemingway, with one of his most brilliant or possibly his most obnoxious ideas created the six-word story. The six-word story is simply that, a story written using no more than six words. Here is the most famous written by Hemingway:

“For Sale: Baby Shoes, never worn.”

For me, this is a most powerful story and statement. I can’t read it and not help but wonder, “What happened to the baby?” Why weren’t the shoes worn? Moreover, why are they now for sale? Why are the owners of the shoes discarding them? Why are they sure they will never have another chance to use the shoes?

All of the above is why I find the challenge of writing a story of only six words so intriguing. A six-word story is much more than just a simple sentence of limited words.

Here are a few of mine, and while I hesitate to post them next to Hemingway’s, whom I consider the master, I share them and hope they will bring some enjoyment.

“He saw her. She turned away.”

“Right foot forward. Repeat with left.”

“Open door, dog licks face. Home.”

I offer you a challenge. I challenge you to write a six-word story, send it to me, and allow me to share it with the other followers of this blog. The prize is simple:

“Six-word story wins free e-Book.”

Okay, so the last one isn’t a very good story, it is however, an honest and straightforward challenge. Just write your story, send it to me via my email address, and in your email tell me I have permission to post it. Along with your story, and your permission, let me know which of my eBooks you would like and I’ll send it your way. Only one eBook per email address so be sure which one you would like.

Good luck.

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