The Dream

Being a writer of fiction, I have a knack of making up stories. That’s what I do. With those tales, I create people, areas, locations, towns, animals, and situations. I never know what will kick-start my brain onto a new trail, a new adventure.

Then it happened, just like that! A story comes to me and I must listen. I must act and bring life to the characters.

A few weeks ago, I had a dream and the story practically wrote itself!  The dream was about a horse, a man and a woman.

It was such a powerful dream, I set aside the book I’m currently working on, because this story needs to be told. The inspiration is too great to set it aside.

Here’s the story’s snapshot generated in my dream…

The mare was past her prime. Once, she personified her name, Second To None. Now she was old, tired, broken down and underfed.

At one time she had run with the best of them, but those days were gone. An injury here, a stretched tendon there, and her days of competition were over. She was put out to pasture. She was forgotten, or mostly forgotten.

Ruben Dawson was broken. Injuries forced him from his profession and his job, the one thing in life that truly fulfilled him. It wasn’t an on the job injury.

No. It was an automobile accident, caused by him, by his drinking. A DUI, a wreck, a vehicular homicide, and years behind bars. Now, he rescues horses. He’s about to meet a mare.

Marian Kohle is running. She’s running from life, from responsibility, from herself. She’s trying to find what she has yet to realize she’s lost.

Second’s Chance will be the name of the book.

Do you like it? Second’s Chance. I like it.

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