The Ghost in the Mini Skirt

“The Law of Moses” was a difficult book to write.  I had carried the story inside me for a number of years and in truth, I wrote the first two books preparing for Moses.  After it was finished, I spent several weeks fearing I had messed it up.  I needed a way to get out of the dark place I found myself in.  Thank you, Jack and Teri.

I was driving east across I-80 one night, in the dark, in the desert, just the moon and the headlights showing me the way.  Had the cruise control on and enjoying the ride.  Tumbleweeds had gathered and built a small wall along each side of the highway and I wondered if a coyote ducked out in front of me would I be able to stop?

It wasn’t a stretch to conclude no.  Well, the coyote became a deer and then the deer became a man.  What if a man stepped out in front of me?  What if I hit him, but nothing happened?  What if I locked up my breaks, ran right through the man and there was no body, no damage?

What an interesting situation.  How could that happen?  Well, the man had to be a ghost.  Right?  What would a ghost be doing in the middle of the Nevada desert?

I drove the rest of the night with that ghost, and by the time the morning sun was in my eyes, he had told me a story about a death several years ago and a wrongly accused husband.  He introduced me to Jack Mill, a government trained genius in computer coding and hacking, as well as an out-of-work Vegas dancer.  They met on Valentines’ Day and he helped them solve the mystery.

It was the story I needed to shake the residual of Sam Moses off me.  It was a fun story to write.  I smiled almost through every page.  It presents a few serious topics about living a good life, but it doesn’t preach and it stays light-hearted.

The book was dedicated to Helen, a high school classmate, and friend.  She’s one of the bravest women I know.  She is an advocate for women who struggle with breast cancer.  A portion of the royalties from “The Ghost in the Mini Skirt” was directed to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  It is an organization set up by Evelyn Lauder, who later passed away due to breast cancer.

Recently, Helen and I were able to make a donation to the foundation of $1,000.  It’s taken a while, but we helped a little I think.

I sit back and think, and hope that we’ve done a little good with a book that kept me company on a drive across the desert.


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