The Tenth Nail

Detective Nate Burns leaned over the back of the crime scene technician, Winston Rawls, and examined the girl.  She was dead.

“Do you have any idea what killed her,” he asked Rawls.

Standing, and pushing Nate back, the tech shrugged, “Lighting her is bad, she’s in behind the trash dumpster so I can’t get a look at her, but I’m guessing she was strangled.”

“Meaning?” Nate probed.

“Meaning I don’t see a stab wound, a gunshot wound and I think poisoning is a little too Agatha Christie.”

Nate met Rawls even gaze, “You think I should wait until you can do a complete job?”

Rawls shrugged, “That would be a first.”

The Tenth Nail is the story of a murder investigation that reaches nationwide.  More than once, Nate Burns, the lead detective will be told to turn the investigation over to the FBI.  He refuses, he promised the dead girl he would find her killer.

The Tenth Nail is presented for Kindle readers and will go live on Amazon on the 30th of August.  Once live, it will be priced at $5.99.  As a pre-order eBook, it’s listed at $.99, a great deal.

This is the author’s eighth book at his work averages better than a 4.7 out of 5 Amazon stars.  If you have not read one of Kwen’s books, now is your chance to explore his work at a great price.

Check out “The Tenth Nail.”


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