The Worst Thanksgiving Dish (SFWG)


Yeah, that’s right, peas.

As a kid I hated peas.

I hated them steamed and I hated them boiled.

I detested them in casseroles and refused to eat any soup containing the disgusting pea.

Peas are an ugly green color and if closely examined most of them are dented. 

The skin is ripped on many peas and the pea meat is exposed.

My salvation when challenged with a meal which served peas was my cowboy boots.

Many people are unaware of the amount of peas the standard sized kids’ cowboy boot can hold.  Many were the time my boots carried the offending vegetable from the table so I could dump the peas where they belonged.

One word of caution; do not wear your best socks if planning to transport peas in your boot.

My worst Thanksgiving meal was the time I had to wear shoes for the dinner and peas were served.

Luckily, we had a dog.

The dog ate my peas.

I was excused from the table.

The dog threw up the peas.

I got grounded. 

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