Vengeance is Mine: Resurrections

The Law of Moses,” and “A Higher Calling” were finished.  Sam had learned to live with himself and with others.  He had, in essence, became human again.  He had learned acceptance and forgiveness.  He still had one more step to make.  He had to make peace with God.

The idea of Sam relating to a Higher Power was part of what led to the title of “Vengeance Is Mine.”  For too long Sam had the misunderstanding and thought vengeance was his to administer.  Through the trials and tribulations, he had suffered in book two, he was now humble enough to accept his own powerlessness of many things.

And, if you have read the books, you know he had to find his way back to Laura.

The biggest struggle I saw in writing this book was the view most have of “westerns.”  In the western genre, there is an expectation of fights, both with fists and guns.  I was determined not to have Sam fight with guns but recognized many readers would expect such.  I thought and hope I addressed the challenge by having Sam telling Pickles why he hates card sharks and O’Dell telling Laura about the nickname “Tigress.”

“Vengeance” also let me visit again with Pickles as well as Abernathy.  I enjoyed that about his book.

I have received several requests to continue the series and expand the trilogy.  Initially, I rejected all such ideas or requests.  In my mind, the story was over.  Sam had grown into the “man he was supposed to be.”

But, as time has gone on, I see there are several storylines yet to be explored.  While none would expand the story in a linear fashion, the universe of Sam and Laura could become fuller and broader.  I think Sam’s Sister deserves her story, as do their children.  GW, the African American cowboy deserves his story told.  And whatever happened between Pickles and Ellen?

Recently, I put together a box set of the trilogy.  It will give those who have not read the books a chance to get them all in one swoop.  I want to thank of all you who have read and enjoyed the story of Sam and Laura.  I think it is a story with a message, and I’m grateful to have been able to touch a few lives.


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