Welcome To Kellynch

Kellynch Book coverIt is done.  I made the deadline.

Think of me, as the head gatekeeper and I have swung open the gate, doff my hat, and bid you to enter.

“Welcome to Kellynch,” I proclaim.

Kellynch is the name of an imaginary estate used by Jane Austen in her last novel, “Persuasion.”  She died shortly after it was finished and never got to see it published.  I know most of the world is nuts over “Pride and Prejudice,” but “Persuasion” and “Mansfield Park” are mine.  Miss Austen worked on the two of them together and I think they are her best work, without question.

The cast of “Persuasion” is rich with personality and conflicting points of view.  It truly was fun to borrow her characters for a short period of time.  I endeavored to add depth to them but maintain the balance given them by their creator.

You, the readers, will tell me if I have succeeded or not.

So, I say again, “Welcome to Kellynch.”

Find your favorite place to read, grab your best beverage or snack, and enjoy a good book, if I do say so myself.

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