Wolf Teeth

Wolf Teeth by Kwen GriffethHey CW,

Got some great news to tell you.  Louva, the little filly I told you about, well by this time tomorrow she will be in college.  That’s right; she’s on her way to school.  You may remember I told you she fell and cut herself while trying to stand?  She’s still being treated, but she is ready to go.  She’s on limited duty if I can use the military term, but she can travel, and that means she can get acquainted with her new stablemates.

She also had some dental work.  When the vet was checking her leg, he also looked in her mouth and found wolf teeth.  Think of a horse’s wolf teeth as the same as a human’s wisdom teeth.  Wolf’s teeth are usually small, but they can cause problems and get sore, so the horse doesn’t eat.  Wolf teeth can also cause problems with the bridle or headgear with a horse.

Anyway, since I have now told you more than you ever wanted to know about equine dentistry, that I only say, she is ready to go.

She’s got a long road ahead of her.  She’s got the bloodlines, of that there is no doubt.  The question is, does she have the desire?  And, if she does, how do we ignite the fire in her?  Horses have a spirit in them and the intelligence that is not recognized by people who have not been around them.  Dogs can be shown hunting and fetching, so even if you don’t own a dog, you get an idea of their abilities just by watching a documentary or even a movie.

With horses, it’s different a lot of times.  When I was a kid, I had a horse I called Teeny Bee.  She was a good part of my world.  I rode her to fix the fence, irrigate fields, drive cattle, and almost anything else that I needed to do.  I used her for a diving platform and jumped from her back into a local canal more times than I can remember.  She and I were the best of friends.

Yet, every so often, when I was goofing around and not paying attention, she’d drop her head and within about three or four jumps buck me off.  As soon as I bounced off the ground, she’d stop and walk over to me.  She’d lower her head and look me right in the eye.

Call me a liar if you want to, but I swear, she said, “I can do that anytime I want too.  Just letting you know who’s boss.”

Now, it’s Louva’s turn.  I know the young lady working with her is a seasoned barrel racer, but more than that, she is a horsewoman.  I have full confidence in her that she and the pony will bound and become one really tough team.  It’ll take time, but it’s going to be something to see.

Just in case, you’ve never seen them, I’ve included a pic of the wolf teeth.  Do I think of everything or what?

Talk later.  K

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