Your Generosity Reaped A Wonderful Surprise

Your Generosity Reaped A Wonderful Surprise

Several weeks ago, I was invited to join a group of authors with the goal of raising money to help injured veterans through the Oscar Mike Foundation. The concept was simple. Each of us would write a novella packaged in one volume of a boxed-set collaboration and offer it to the public. All monies received would go directly to Oscar Mike.

We all wrote our stories. We packaged them. Then, we all took turns asking, shouting, screaming, begging, demanding, and hoping you would come through. To make a big impact, you see, it was really all on you.

You must buy the book to raise the funds for Oscar Mike, and you did!


I don’t have the exact amount raised, as the process is ongoing. However, so many books were purchased that, we, the authors, were named to the USA Today Best-Selling List.

Origins of Honor: An Action-Thriller Collection is still available as a Kindle download for a limited time.

We are so appreciative of your contribution. You helped veterans and us. All I can say is thank you.

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